Rod and Reel Caddy


We were just loading the pontoon this evening after fishing, just before sundown at Shellmound. As we were getting things ready to hit the road we saw a fellow who was coming in from bass fishing carrying a rod and reel caddy. The caddy looked to have a 1X2 wooden case like and held what looked to be about 6 or 8 rods, does anyone know of a case or caddy like that?

It looked like the rods were staggered back and forth and you could see all the way through it. It was a really nice way to carry several rods without them getting tangled up.


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I think I remember seeing some somewhere probably on puter....not interested enough to buy. Just sitting here thinking I would start with a piece of 1 1/2 inch PVC with some tees on each end and reducers to about 1 inch looking down with some tees or crosses with short pieces horizontal. Drill some holes and whittle out with rotary file to fit what you want to carry. Staggering so reels don`t hit. PVC is so easy to work with and don`t weigh squat. Just don't glue till you get it all worked out. Sounds like a project for crappy day.....or one of them bluebird days.