Sam's change to Ethanol Gas from ethanol free


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Thought that this post would also be helpful on the Boating/Trailering site since the last August update on gasoline.

Thursday 10/01 at 7:36 PM.

just called sam's club for a price check on regular and was told they switched from ethanol free to now ethanol gas.
just a heads up to all.

I hope the attendant was wrong but he said they marked the pumps stating ethanol.

Anybody been there lately to confirm what he said?

Look forward to any response.


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Yeah it's got 10% ethanol now....I would always fill up there because they had pure gas for the cheapest price, but luckily two gas stations on East Brainerd Road near the intersection with Morris Hill Road and Hurrican Creek switched to pure gas...It's more expensive, (not because it's pure gas, that area just charges more) but I'm using it. I hate the idea of putting ethanol in my tank.


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Ethanol free gas.
In Soddy Daisy.
Corner/Intersection of Dallas Hollow and Green Pond Rd, a brand new large gas station called WESLEYS CORNER.
All gas is ethonal free.
Huge entry from either street.
Pumps are at an angle which makes it a boaters delight for ease of getting in and out with your rig no matter how large it is.


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Yeah Benton oil and the midnight oil has pure gas and I am one of the lucky ones that lives close to them but to far away from the lake lol


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Lovetofish - 2/2/2013 4:49 PM

There a store on highway 58 north before dolly pond rd. #Ethanoi free gas emoWelcome emoUSA emoThanks

Yes, it is Town and Country and is about 2.5 miles above the 4 lane on Hway 58 north. They are cheaper than Hi-Tech 100% gasoline too. $1.79 per gallon at the moment. emoBigsmile emoGeezer


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You all that have smart phones; which is nearly everyone now, should download the Pure gas app. It will show you the closest 100% gas station to your location.