Shad kill this year??


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I was expecting to see the water temps drop into the shad kill zone, but I haven't heard from anyone that they had seen a big kill. Anyone see much for injured/dead shad this year? We might have narrowly avoided it.


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I haven't seen many dead or dying but I have been foul hooking quite a few while I'm fishing for white bass. They seem healthy but very slow and lethargic. Stacked up in the Eddy's in the river.Don't know about the lake.


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I've seen several struggling at the top at the mouth of CFP and Tommy saw several dying off in possum creek or Soddy? Can't remember!


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I saw a huge one on upper Guntersville 2 weeks ago. All the way from the Steam Plant to Crow Creek in no current.
You could look around your boat and see hunndreds at any given point.
Surface temp was 33.6 and trolling motor depth was 38 degrees.


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We saw a few struggling on watts bar the other day but haven't seen nor heard anything about a kill like we had several years ago.


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SpurHunter - 2/21/2014 12:47 PM

3-4 weeks ago in WT just past the ramp they were dying by the thousands. Ive never seen as many birds in a big area just picking up dying ones. It was NOT from feeding fish.

Yep, the gulls caught my eye from the other side of the bridge and I went looking for schooling fish, there weren't any, they were just swooping down and eating all the dying shad.


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My poor crappie catching effort this week yielded one dying shad, I scooped him up with the net and decided to save him in the freezer for a future "monster' cat-fishing trip emoBigsmile


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