Shout-out for John Swallows/trolling motor repair


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Monday I had a problem with my MinnKota trolling motor and called John Swallows (ETM Specialty Co. in Charleston). Wednesday afternoon he had me bring it in and looked it over. I had overheated the brushes and armature (running on high for about 4 hours without letup - my fault for not realizing how much internal heat is generated on constant high 71 lb thrust). He replaced the brush plate and brushes and all of the seals, cleaned up and tested the armature, found some dead spots and managed to repair the bad armature connections (instead of selling me a $100+ new armature), taught me a bunch, and got me back on the water in about an hour and a half.

And did it for what I thought was a very reasonable price.

This is the second trolling motor that Mr. Swallows has quickly serviced for me and I wanted to thank him for the quick turnarounds and reasonable prices. It is terrific to have him as a local trolling motor specialist.


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John is a great guy, repairman and fisherman. Sometimes his "real" job slows him down, but he always has taken good care of me.