St Croix Legend Crankbait Rod w/Shimano DC 150 6:2 Reel - $300


St Croix Legend Glass Crankbait rod and Shimano DC 150 6:2 cranking reel combo, both with neoprene covers to protect this high end gear. Very lightly used on two one week fall fishing trips and three individual summer day trips. So they’re both in brand new shape. I hate to sell this but I just need $ right now as I haven’t been able to fish. This is by far the best Crankbait casting and reeling combo I’ve ever used. Good distance with great action and excellent feel. It has great control and power reeling in big bass without losing them. My hook up ratio seemed to go up when I started using this combo as did my landing %. This combo can easily handle a wide range of different sized crankbaits and really excels with lipless crankbaits too - from shallow to deep cranking. It’s also awesome to fish down south in grassy lakes when ripping a squarebill or lipless through grass when needed. This combo lets a crankbait get down to its depth quick. And if you backlash with this reel you should quit fishing all together lol. $300 firm, no trades.


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