Wrechin2's modified engines


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tsabadlk - 2/21/2013 9:00 PM I know this is an old thread but I would like to say that you do great work Wrechin2



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tsabadlk - 2/21/2013 11:00 PM

I know this is an old thread but I would like to say that you do great work Wrechin2

His head is already big enough without any help...lol

If I'm ever able to get back at it like I use to I'm going to see how far and fast I can run before mine lays down emoBigsmile emoGeezer


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James really lives all the good things you all have said about him. It is nice to have some one with his knowledge and talent to live so close to us. Now I could go on to say a lot of nice things about him like you all have. Such when he scaled the side of a cliff to get a jug of water or when he rushed into a burning house to save a arm load of furniture or even when he knowingly walked into the bank of robbers with hostages and talked them down by exposing the differences between a aluminum 2.4 horse power and a 2.5 cast horsepower. But I won't tell you about that:) James is awesome and deserves these great comments. I do call him my friend. And let's not forget about Wess! He rocks as well!!!! You guys keep up the good work. I appreciate you every day.
Very nice James. For all you CFFers out there who don't know, James is a true craftsman and cares about his work. I've seen his operation and it is amazing what he has put together and is able to do. It is very impressive. By the way James how does the CNC retrofit go?


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Coming right along. In process of proof reading my program and getting ready to ramp up my sleeve cutting line. I am going to have to replace my controller as it does not like backlash comp or probing. I have to hand write the G31 code and it works great on all 4 axis. It goes erratic if I use a center finding script. I What i have cut has been dead on and great finishes. It is cutting all the ports in a little over 3 minutes and I am still tweaking! Thanks for the help!


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This is Shane mullinax I'm thinking about buying Carl Guffey motor you built could you call me or text I would like to talk to you about 706 537 1264